Who says yoga has to be boring? – Prasara Yoga Primer

Who says yoga has to be boring? - Prasara Yoga PrimerClick Image To Visit SiteOK, let’s be honest here – you’ve heard of yoga before, so it’s not as if you’re coming to this page expecting to have your mind blown. You’ve probably seen some pictures of dudes in purple leotards and noticed those $12 DVDs at Wal-Mart. You’re not reading this page without some pre-existing idea of what yoga is.

It’s a well-established fact that practicing Yoga will help you increase flexibility and learn to relax, and various studies have shown it to correlate to just about any marker of good health you can think of. You know all this already, so I’m not going to go on about why you should practice yoga. However, I do want to tell you about what makes Prasara unique and what it can do for you.

The short story is that Prasara was created to develop Flow. We’ll talk more about this later, but the gist is that Flow is a quality of movement in which you can transition smoothly form one thing to another.

Actually, Flow is a lot of things, and that can make it difficult to describe – and even harder to learn. But it isn’t impossible, and we’ve been teaching it for years to our private clients, in live seminars and workshops, and though this course, the Prasara Primer.

The unique element of Prasara practice as opposed to most other styles of yoga is simply that traditional yoga is fixated on sitting in poses while Prasara shifts the emphasis to the transitions between poses. You’ll still use the same postures and positions, but we’ll also work on your ability to “flow” from one to the next so you can develop real agility, grace, power, and yes, Flow in… Read more…

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