»Click Image To Visit Site1)  Information about PCOS on the internet and even in doctor’s offices can be horribly confusing, mis-leading, and inappropriate.

2)  Traditional PCOS treatments are focused on covering up symptoms, not alleviating the underlying issues and preventing PCOS.

3)  Most health practitioners and authors of books on PCOS fail to recognize that a wide variety of factors go into causing PCOS.  They fail to see that a wide diversity of women with different hormone profiles, body sizes, and life situations can all have the condition.

This oversight has led to literally hundreds of thousands of women being right now inadequately treated for their PCOS.

PCOS Unlocked is the first ever guide that accounts for the wide variety of causes of PCOS.  This means that PCOS Unlocked speaks directly to you, in your unique life and your unique body.

PCOS Unlocked really is – cross my heart, hope to die, I wish so badly that it weren’t — the only guide that tailors your PCOS treatment and journey specifically to your personal needs.

PCOS gives it to you straight: It tells you what PCOS is, why you uniquely have PCOS, and how to overcome it with a simple, cheap, intuitive, and healthy plan.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in the fall of 2009.  I didn’t know a thing about ovaries, about nutrition, or about hormones.  I tried finding out about hormones on the internet, and I listened to my doctor, but neither of those things helped me much at all.  How could I become fertile again?  Have a sex drive again?  Regain radiant skin?

At the time, working for NASA in an Ivy League microbiology lab, I knew that I had to apply my rigorously-honed scientific brain to the problem of PCOS.   I knew I could do it.  I… Read more…

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